How to Improve Spoken English with Videos

Published: 11th July 2011
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Internet has opened up numerous ways for English learners to improve their spoken English skills. One of the most effective medium is to learn with videos. There are number of websites as youtube, howcast etc which offers tons of free videos that can be viewed online or downloaded for later viewing.

Remember not all videos offer you spoken English practice. You have to search for some special videos which serve your purpose.

Which Videos are Useful?

You have to search for videos recorded by a native speaker. It is a good idea to have the written text or the script along with the videos for better comprehension. The text doesnít necessarily have to be written on the video screen. Rather it is very less or totally not beneficial for spoken English practice. This is because you try to read the text and your attention towards the speaking person is diverted, thus rendering it useless.

You need videos which give the transcript separately. If you have been to youtube, you will notice that beneath the videos there is a pull down option. When you click on it, the transcript of the video opens up. You can copy and paste it into any text editor. After downloading the video, you are ready to practice your spoken English in your own time.

How to practice Spoken English with Videos

It is good idea to read the transcript before watching the video. This is because you may see some unfamiliar words, whose meaning you donít know and need to check up from dictionary. There are number of free downloadable dictionaries which can be installed on your computer.

The dictionary which I found very useful is word web. If it is installed on your pc then when ever you select a word, and click the word web dictionary, it opens up with the meaning and other necessary detail about the word. This saves lot of time in opening up a dictionary time and again.

So once you have known the meaning of all the difficult words, you have full grasp of the transcript. Now play the video and see how the person speaks in it. You may like to stop and rewind the video for better understanding. You can copy the person speaking in the video again and again. After sometimes you will feel that you can also speak the sentences like him.

What Topic to Select

You will find videos about virtually every topic. However it all depends on your choice. To me best videos can be how-to videos. They will not only give you Spoken English practice but will also add something to your knowledge. Howcast is my favorite website for how-to videos since they provide written script of the video to.

You may also like movie clips, English learning videos, sportsí videos etc for your spoken English practice. The more interesting the topic you select the more interest you will develop in your lessons. You will not get bored and will continuously improve your spoken English skills.

Learning spoken English through videos is an interesting and fun way and you must make use of this method to improve speaking English quickly. After watching and practicing with the video, you must narrate whatever you have learnt in your own words. This will further enhance your spoken English learning process. Good Luck

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